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The Duggars: 19 Excuses and Counting

Megyn Kelly did a respectable job asking questions, IMO.
Megyn Kelly did a respectable job asking questions, IMO.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar proved my suspicions about them. Their interview with Megyn Kelly of FOX NEWS, showed no contrition, only a clumsy attempt at preserving their baby-making business.

It’s official: everyone is a victim; nobody apologizes anymore.

I don’t know when it happened, but apologizing became a sign of weakness. When caught doing something against the values you preach, the move is to now blame those who uncovered your transgressions and claim to be the real victim.

Molestation could, in theory, happen across any walk of life. I grew up with good church-going kids and wild church going kids. I’ve seen kids reject their families’ churches. I’ve seen ‘bad’ kids embrace religion. If there is a perfect way to raise a child, I’m not aware of it.

At this point, unless more information comes out, I don’t blame Michelle and Jim Bob very much for not immediately calling the authorities. I’m sure it was very shocking and disappointing to them. I believe them when they say they felt like they failed as parents. There were a lot of issues and emotions to process.

My problem is the cover up. There have been rumors about this for years. That didn’t stop members of the Duggar Family from falling victim to their own celebrity, criticizing others’ lifestyles and morality. Given what they’ve been through, I think they should have struck a much more humble tone pre and post scandal. Pride cometh before a fall.

They were on a verge of an empire: a life of spin-offs for kids and grandkids, high-paying speaking gigs, book deals, maybe a long dress collection on QVC, and political aspirations. The Megyn Kelly interview was Jim Bob and Michelle’s stubborn, defensive attempt to salvage that. They’re Duggars Inc.

They even falsely claimed that releasing the records was illegal. It wasn’t. But the purpose of saying that is to fill social media with that claim, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

The Duggars are just doing what business people do, trying to protect their money. They need to play the victim. They need to cast blame. Because doing the truly Christian thing doesn’t pay nearly as well.