To Morimoto On His 60th Birthday

We were lucky enough to be eating at Morimoto’s Waikiki in The Modern Hotel Honolulu on the famous chef’s 60th birthday. Not only was he there, Morimoto was the life of the party. He sang, played the keyboard, posed for pictures and danced.


Here he is joining in with some Hawaiian dancers:
Morimoto dances at Morimoto’s on 60th birthday:

Morimoto's birthday cake.
Decorated for Morimoto's birthday.


Of course if you’re at Morimoto’s, you have to post food pics. Here are the obligatory food pictures.

I never knew I needed my salad in a plastic tube before.
The prettiest sushi ever.
Wagu beef
Duck soup with puff pastry.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb

Morimoto’s is amazing. Arigato, Morimoto and The Modern Hotel Honolulu.

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