Mike Huckabee and the Mentality of Protecting Your Own


First let me say that I fully support Mike Huckabee’s freedom to choose to practice his faith and his beliefs. While he and I see the world differently, I fully understand the dangers of silencing those with whom I disagree.

If Facebook and Twitter are to be believed, Mike Huckabee has angered members of his religious base by coming out in support of alleged confessed child molester Josh Duggars.

I get it. Huckabee has been against marriage equality and said very wrong and derogatory blanket statements about homosexuals. He then immediately forgives and supports someone who allegedly (I’m using that for my own protection) sexually abused young girls, even in his own family, simply because Huckabee “knows” this person and Josh Duggar has ‘repented’. It’s a double standard.

But everyone does it. We all identify with people like ourselves. We are our friends. As animals, it’s instinctual that we defend our own. Bill Clinton supporters did it. Tom Brady fans did it. Dick Cheney defends the decision to invade Iraq like every six months.

I was irritated by the anti-racism event that barred white males in England. Organizer Bahar Mustafa said that wasn’t racist because racism is institutional.  That’s true, but she is prejudiced. Like Huckabee, she’s prejudiced and defending the group with whom she identifies. I’m a white guy who considers himself part of the solution. But to her, I’m part of the problem.

When I was in college, I took a women’s studies class. I put the same amount of effort into it as I did my other classes. My point is that I didn’t think I did anything special. As I walked up to hand in my final paper, the professor asked me if I wanted to be a discussion group leader next semester. Me? It never crossed my mind. I was flattered. I said yes. It was a great experience and I’m proud to say I was the only male discussion group leader that year. That professor or women in the class could have just as easily dismissed me as a “white, privileged male”. But something I said or did earned their respect and trust. To this day I still have no idea what that was.

I don’t consider myself a feminist for the simple reason it’s too narrow.  I consider myself a populist: someone who stands for everyone. Feminism is a part of it. If you’re gay, have a family, a job, great. If you’re straight, I’m all for it. Go to church? Fine by me. If you’re honest and truthful and living your life the best way you can, you and I have no issues. That’s America. That’s freedom. That’s equality.

What I’m seeing today is that some, not all, people who claim to be for ‘equality’ or ‘freedom’ really mean, ‘we want to be the dominant culture so we can supress our enemies.’ They don’t stick up for anyone else but themselves and those with whom they identify.  I don’t see how that makes them better than the oppressors of the past and present. The King is dead. Long live the King. I grew up seeing everyone as my equal. I’m guessing you experienced the same thing.

Circling back to Huckabee, it’s time to drop the ‘tribe’ or ‘team’ mentality when it’s clear that you are just covering for the faults, transgressions, or crimes of those with whom you identify. It clouds judgment, contributes to prejudism, and, also, will likely continue on until the end of mankind.

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