The Duggars: Unless You’re a Doctor, Having Babies Shouldn’t Be Your Business


The Duggars. You either passionately love them or are violently disgusted by them. Like the family itself, nothing is small about it.

The famous Duggar internet meme. I have no idea who created it.
The famous Duggar internet meme. I have no idea who created it.

If you are fortunate enough to afford a large family, have at it. I have a good friend who has 8 or 9 children. He and his wife home school and from what I can tell, it seems to be a very healthy and happy family. I’m sure it’s a colossal amount of work, but they are a healthy family unit. I support that 100%. But not everyone has the time, money, or aptitude to be a parent of a super-sized family. Kids need attention. guidance, love, and structure.

I have no doubt the Duggar Family started out with the best of intentions. My feeling about the Duggars is now they are just breeding for attention, to stay on TV and in the public eye. Having babies is their cottage industry. Before the TV show Jim Duggar did have a challenge feeding the family. Now it feels like all of his kids are anxious to pump up their families so they can be celebrities like mom and dad. I think that’s wrong and cynical.19-kids-and-counting

Celebrity is fleeting and it’s not a good business model. Now that Josh Duggar, the oldest, has confessed and apologized for sexually abusing girls, including sisters, as a teenager, the money is going to dwindle. No major TV network will want to be associated with them. They may get some public appearances or speaking engagements, but I think the best days are behind the family.

While I may not agree with their life choices, it does make me sad that small children will likely suffer because older members of The Duggar family had stars in their eyes.

I want to make it clear, if they want to practice their faith as they see fit, I support that. My point is that it went from something real to a calculation that more kids meant more attention, money, and fame.

My advice to the Duggar men and future husbands of the Duggar women: get a real job.

One thought on “The Duggars: Unless You’re a Doctor, Having Babies Shouldn’t Be Your Business”

  1. Hey Jim…good points in this article. Far be it from me to turn a conversation about banal “reality” television to politics (ahem), but I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between your observations about the Duggars and the old cliche about welfare in Washington. Isn’t that what the system rewards? Having more babies to collect more money from the government? Should we instead be chastising the people who support the Duggars by watching the show instead of the Duggars themselves, who DO have jobs…being television stars? I mean, look at Kate Gosslin. People stopped watching the show after the divorce, the parents faded from memory and the kids are now free to live relatively “normal” lives (including eventually getting real jobs).


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